Who we are?

The sun doesn’t know that it is a star,

The moon doesn’t know that what it actually owns is not its light but the scar,

And even after spending umpteen years with ourselves we don’t know who we actually are!



Sorry and thanks!

I am really sorry for not being active here and thanks for still being a part of this blog even after it has been so long since I posted last.

It pleases me that I did not lose you people… Infact I gained a few of u!

There are a few things which I want to accomplish before resuming here and yeah… That’s the only reason. I promise I will be active… Just few more months… Once again thank you so much for still being here!

🌸 🌸 🌸

New Ways!

With enigmas fluttering,with happiness showing up,with curiosities flowing,this blog is all about my imaginations.This is something that I really cherish to do and so here I am,with this blog,to learn and tell,to discover and explore,to smile and motivate.Hi!I am Nikita and this blog is all about my immense thoughts,innumerable feelings and great inquisitivities!

As a person,as a girl,as a teenager,as a student and as a tiny part of this huge sphere,I am fascinated and inspired by so many things that expressing myself was the utmost need and so here I am!

Control your life,but do not imprison it!

One can find so many things on this blog that categorizing it is tough but it is a concoction of so many things that adding more to it will be fun!

There will be poems,stories,articles,experiences, reviews,DIYs and lot more….so,let’s explore!