Unconcluded Conclusions

โ•No matter if I was being groped all the while,It is a family issue and I should hold a badge of smile.โ•So the stranger was wearing a capeAnd that authorised him to be proud of my rape.โ•The scar that my man presented to that damselIs supposed to be hidden as a priced jewel.โ•I bled inside… Continue reading Unconcluded Conclusions

Can I wish to?

๐ŸI knew I'd still put your name when I'd read that quote in boldBut I never thought I'd adrift when I'd listen to that song old. ๐ŸI can sense that you still reside in the pages of that torn bookAnd that building holds you in every corner ,every nook.๐ŸI was never convinced it'd be so… Continue reading Can I wish to?

Have we grown?

๐Ÿฆ‹Amidst these busy lanes and skies, we think we are grown ups, But how often do we vigilate that in our veins, still, runs the same iron that we had as a single cell? ๐Ÿฆ‹We scurry away from situations pondering over the coming curbs, But how many of us were actually waiting for these adventurously… Continue reading Have we grown?


๐ŸƒAt my first breath, I was yet another little pink body in this blue spheroid, At two, I was figuring out the functions of my tiny legs and choroid. ๐ŸƒAt the age of four, I had a school uniform which I considered larky, At six, I had my feet on a stage which was sparky.… Continue reading Transitions!

Who we are?

The sun doesn't know that it is a star, The moon doesn't know that what it actually owns is not its light but the scar, And even after spending umpteen years with ourselves we don't know who we actually are! โœจโœจโœจ

New Ways!

With enigmas fluttering,with happiness showing up,with curiosities flowing,this blog is all about my imaginations.This is something that I really cherish to do and so here I am,with this blog,to learn and tell,to discover and explore,to smile and motivate.Hi!I am Nikita and this blog is all about my immense thoughts,innumerable feelings and some inquisitivities! As a… Continue reading New Ways!