The Ground and the Horizon.

I never knew about the existence of the part
That I am playing at present,
But I remember the anxiety when it was to start
Right at the time when I was unaware of its extent.

I remember the questions that were floating around,
And the constant conflict within me.
The uncertain conditions which held me bound,
And the subconscious assurance to which I couldn’t agree.

I have witnessed conditions changing without informing,
And smoothly running days taking an unexpected route.
None of which failed in leaving with a different beginning,
And with a spontaneous challenge to commute.

I have tried to escape from every question coming along
Only to realize that what has come to me will not vanish.
What lies within my reach is changing the way it is drawn,
And stop striving to erase its blemish.

Because today, looking at the ground supporting my feet
Makes me realize how far I have walked.
And then, when I look at the horizon across the street,
I can sense enigmas that are yet to be unlocked.

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