Shackles of Gender!

❕As if I was born to symbolize the colour pink,
Be it a dress or my bedroom,the assumptions were pretty clear.
The words petite and feminine were never meant to link
Oh!But until my unsaid choice to stay was so shear.

❕As if gallantry was meant to be my word,
Need to bear its badge even if I have to condescend.
And I cannot sob even if my life is stirred,
Because I am meant only to pretend.

❕We never thought of the impact before telling her to be a bit shy
But eventually it took away stages from her.
And while generalizing him to the toys which don’t cry,
We thought we were playing just the right card of gender.

❕And look,how we have framed a generation,
They cannot even express as per their emotional range.
Why does a veil of gender stand midway between every creation?
Can we not move to break the shackles of gender for the awaited change?

4 thoughts on “Shackles of Gender!”

  1. The shackles of gender are the bonds of sex and the refusal to see females as equal to males. Somehow, females lost their stature and we have never taken it back. We’ve been shackled by ideologies and beliefs that have no basis in reality. The first thing we need to do is recognize the tyranny of qualities or binaries. There are more than two sexes. All of us should be recognized as equal human beings, no matter our sex. Next, gender is what we do, how we act, how we are taught that pink represents one sex, blue another, and our behaviours should be color-coded recognizables. We have so far to go to recognize the humanity of all people.

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