Unconcluded Conclusions

❕No matter if I was being groped all the while,
It is a family issue and I should hold a badge of smile.
❕So the stranger was wearing a cape
And that authorised him to be proud of my rape.
❕The scar that my man presented to that damsel
Is supposed to be hidden as a priced jewel.
❕I bled inside and out after a rightless invasion
But it was not violence and just their frustration.
❕If I have body hair, I should expect a troll
But the news that I was thrashed will get an ‘Oh!please scroll.’
❕We all hold the power to nullify some conclusions out of the umpteen
But we instead invalidate our wisdom and leave them unseen.
❕Put it to shame that we let them generalize such conclusions.
All for what?….Their bravery and superiority illusions!

15 thoughts on “Unconcluded Conclusions”

  1. I am not sure if I understand correctly. I feel like reading a very heavy pressure against my consciousness about right and wrong. It is unacceptable to let them generalize such unconcluded conclusions. I share the sadness and pray that people and all family end such situation to protect the future of their most precious jewel. Please correct me if I am wrong. Thank you for sharing

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    1. That is the beauty of words that you can always come up with your own interpretation of them. I am nobody to tell if you understood it correctly or not but your interpretation is very fair. It is my pleasure to share on topics that matter and thank you for reading! 🌸

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  2. You are a knowledgeable writer of this subject matter. I know it takes not just wisdom but courage to tackle such subjects. I am going to read some of your blogs today and in the future talenikita.


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