🍃At my first breath, I was yet another little pink body in this blue spheroid,
At two, I was figuring out the functions of my tiny legs and choroid.
🍃At the age of four, I had a school uniform which I considered larky,
At six, I had my feet on a stage which was sparky.
🍃By the time I turned eight, I was awestruck by the rules of the world,
At ten, I was future firm at changing all that was burled.
🍃When twelve, I had some values, wishes and friendships,
At fourteen,I had problems and excitements,unaware of hardships.
🍃At sixteen,I was applying myself into achieving things big and bright,
But here, at eighteen,I realize that these transitions silently stole an innocent sight!
🌸 🌸 🌸

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