The Ground and the Horizon.

I never knew about the existence of the partThat I am playing at present,But I remember the anxiety when it was to startRight at the time when I was unaware of its extent. I remember the questions that were floating around,And the constant conflict within me.The uncertain conditions which held me bound, And the subconscious… Continue reading The Ground and the Horizon.

Shackles of Gender!

❕As if I was born to symbolize the colour pink,Be it a dress or my bedroom,the assumptions were pretty clear.The words petite and feminine were never meant to linkOh!But until my unsaid choice to stay was so shear.❕As if gallantry was meant to be my word,Need to bear its badge even if I have to… Continue reading Shackles of Gender!

Have we grown?

🦋Amidst these busy lanes and skies, we think we are grown ups, But how often do we vigilate that in our veins, still, runs the same iron that we had as a single cell? 🦋We scurry away from situations pondering over the coming curbs, But how many of us were actually waiting for these adventurously… Continue reading Have we grown?